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Consult the characteristics of the Nanny Service Operation at Levante Beach in other languages.

This is the functioning of the aspects involved in the development of the Nanny Service project at Levante Beach, in the enclosed park in front of the Family Beach Area. This programme is part of the "Time x Care" transfer initiative by the Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Generalitat de Catalunya.
It is a temporary care service in a fun and quality space for children. The goal is to provide basic care, social recreation, and educational leisure activities for children, while facilitating work-life balance, family, and personal time for families and providing personal respite time.


Consult the characteristics of the Nanny Service Operation.

Consulter les caractéristiques du fonctionnement du Service de Garde d'Enfants.

Konsultieren sie die eigenschaften des Kinderbetreuungsdienstes.

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